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Teradata Aster® Database 6.20 Release Notes

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November 2019
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The following procedure updates the Run the Queen Replacement Script procedure with two new steps (steps 9 and 10) in the Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Aster Appliances.

Now run the queen replacement script replace-queen to apply the failed primary queen’s list of workers to the new queen. Queen replacement is invoked as a bash shell command line.

  1. Log in to the secondary queen as root.
  2. Change the working directory to the location of the replace-queen script: # cd /home/beehive/bin/exec/
  3. The queen replacement script takes as an argument --workerIp which is the IP address of a worker reachable using scp. This is used to locate the hosts file, which is used to identify the nodes in the cluster.

    On the appliance, the argument --keepSecondaryQueenIp is required to indicate that the IP address of the secondary queen should not be changed to that of the primary queen:

    # ./replace-queen --workerIp <Worker_IP> --keepSecondaryQueenIp

    If you have not stopped the failed primary queen, the queen replacement script will automatically power off the node at this point.

  4. After the replace-queen script has completed, set the Aster services to start up automatically on reboot:
    1. Log in to the new queen, as root.
    2. Enable the Aster services to start up when the machine boots by issuing: # chkconfig local on
  5. Use ncli to perform a soft restart on the queen. Because the queen process is not yet running, it is not possible to use the AMC for the soft restart: # ncli system softrestart
  6. Verify that the queen replacement process completed successfully by inspecting this log file: /home/beehive/data/logs/QueenReplacement.log. It should end with a message similar to: 2013-03-21T14:49:34.989917 INFO 6349] *Finishedrecovery
  7. Point your browser to the AMC on the new queen and navigate to the Admin > Cluster Management screen, and click Activate Cluster.
  8. If you wish to do so, you may now turn off Passwordless Root SSH, using the procedure "Disabling Passwordless Root SSH for All Nodes" on page 567. Your queen replacement is complete. The new queen is now your active queen.
  9. Modify IP addresses of System Plugin for Aster Database in CMIC Configuration so that Server Management (CMIC) can monitor the status of Aster cluster for which a new queen takes over Coordinator role.

    For example, consider the below System Plugin for Aster Database

    <Chassis idnum="102" systemname="SITEID"> 
          <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Aster"> 
                      <IPv4 type="primary">new_coordinator_ip</IPv4>  
                      <IPv4 type="secondary">secondary_ip</IPv4> 
  10. Update the primary IP with new coordinator IP and secondary IP with new one in XML. To ensure recoverability, install a new secondary queen as described in "Secondary Queen Installation Following Queen Replacement" on page 510.