Fixed Issues - Aster Database

Teradata Aster® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
Release Number
November 2019
English (United States)
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  • BH-12717: For kerberized clusters, open secure port 1019 as alternative to unsecure port 50010
  • BH-6000: ncli system analyzeopslog does not report table failed during post expand in specific scenarios
  • BH-8906: Teradata Aster Analytics Betweenness function returns error
  • BH-12732: Error generated when reading a snappy compressed table on BigInsights 4.2 cluster into Aster using load_from_hcatalog
  • BH-7743: Parent child query tree is affected by filters applied in Processes tab
  • BH-5009: Significant performance degradation during a highly skewed query
  • BH-7150: Archive shows 0.00% complete even when it has succeeded
  • CLNT-2313: The ACT client utility may fail when run on RHEL
  • BH-3233: Remove CGROUP function on Commodity Hardware (Recommended)
  • BH-8027: Parent-Child Process Relationship panel is displaying for standalone queries
  • BH-7952: AMC shows an invalid number of tuple counts in Table Info for dimension tables under the Nodes tab
  • BH-5847: Wizard to create the Aster Analytics test configuration fails to launch in Luna
  • BH-7929: Partition splitting may leave unbalanced distribution of primary vworkers
  • BH-7856: ncli system changepartioncountcheck can’t display negative disk space sizes
  • BH-5513: Disable Memory CGROUPS on Commodity Hardware Running the Red Hat Linux OS (Required)
  • BH-7929: Partition splitting may leave unbalanced distribution of primary vworkers
  • BH-7324: Logical restore of a table or partition compressed at the HIGH or MEDIUM level fails
  • BH-6695: IOI may crash under certain circumstances
  • BH-5635: Monitoring thresholds are not working
  • BH-5759: After a hard restart, worker nodes go to New state instead of Prepared state
  • BH-5581: Error occurs when load_from_teradata connects to Teradata
  • BH-5605: Performance degradation for short-running queries
  • BH-3212: Disable CGROUP and SWAPACCOUNT functions on Appliance 2 Hardware
  • BH-975: Query execution time after admission control limit reached is misleading
  • BH-1185: Node cannot softrestart after a high disk full is reached
  • BH-1338: After restart of a busy cluster, some processes are inadvertently killed
  • ANLY-1637: Error in JSON file