Important Installation and Upgrade Issues - Aster Database

Teradata AsterĀ® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
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November 2019
English (United States)
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  • New rpms Needed For AD 6.20.06 Upgrade
    AD 6.20.06 requires version 16.20 of the following Teradata rpms to be installed on all Aster nodes:
    • cliv21620-
    • teragssAdmin1620-
    • tdicu1620-
    • tptbase1620-

    For information, contact your Customer Support Representative.

  • Red Hat Install and Upgrade Notification

    For new Aster Database installations on clusters running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OS, this release requires that you have a supported version of Red Hat installed on the cluster.

    For upgrades to an existing installation of the Aster Database on clusters running the RHEL OS, this release requires that a supported version of Red Hat is already installed on the cluster. Perform any required updates to the RHEL OS prior to initiating the Aster Database upgrade.

  • Kernel Update Needed for Appliance Upgrades

    Before upgrading Aster Database on the appliance, call Teradata Global Technical Support (GTS) to obtain the latest recommended operating system kernel patches. Download and apply any recommended patches before upgrading.

  • Changes to the Upgrade Path for Backup Manager

    You will not be able to restore backups taken with a previous version of Aster Backup after upgrading. The installer will remove all previous (older version) backups.

    If you do not want to lose previous backups, do one of the following before upgrading Aster Backup:
    • Archive your backups before upgrading Backup Manager.
    • Do a clean install of Backup Manager on another machine that will be used with Aster Database 6.20, 6.20.01, 6.20.02, 6.20.03, 6.20.04, 6.20.05,, or 6.20.06 only.

      Older backups are not compatible with version 6.20, version 6.20.01, version 6.20.02, version 6.20.03, version 6.20.04, version 6.20.05, version, or version 6.20.06 of Backup Manager.