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Teradata AsterĀ® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
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November 2019
English (United States)
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  • Backup and Restore of Aster Database Using Teradata Data Stream Architecture (Teradata DSA-Aster BAR) is no longer a supported feature of AD 6.20.xx.xx releases. Aster Database customers may continue to use the existing Aster backup utility. For additional information about this feature support change, contact your Customer Support Representative.
  • For upgrades from a release prior to AD6.20 directly to AD6.20, 6.20.01, 6.20.02, 6.20.03, 6.20.04, 6.20.05,, or 6.20.06, pre-existing SQL-H configurations must be recreated due to the new configuration options introduced at AD6.20.
  • If you are a Commodity hardware customer and have a mixed 32/64 bit environment, you must get the latest version of the PUT software. Log on to Teradata Support at Under Tools, click on Software Downloads and then click on Certified Configs.
  • Effective with the release of AD 6.10, the Hard Restart button in the AMC has been removed. To obtain similar functionality to that previously provided by the Hard Restart button, use these commands to shutdown and reboot a cluster:
    1. Shut down the cluster:

      # ncli system softshutdown

    2. Reboot the queen:

      # /sbin/reboot

    3. After the queen completes rebooting, reboot the workers and loader nodes:

      # ncli node runonother /sbin/reboot

    The Soft Restart button remains available in the AMC to perform a soft restart of the cluster.

  • Support for IBM BigInsights by the Teradata Querygrid: Aster-Hadoop connector begins at AD6.20.04. Releases prior to AD6.20.04 do not support IBM BigInsights.
  • GenerateDDL still generates commands with MEDIUM and HIGH keywords.
  • CDH 5.4 is certified and works with CDH 5.3 client libraries. These two versions are compatible and therefore there is no functionality loss.
  • When you connect to the AMC using Firefox as your browser, Firefox consumes a large percentage of CPU and may not exit gracefully. If you encounter this issue, either update the operating system to its latest patch or use Chrome instead.