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Teradata Aster® Database 6.20 Release Notes

Aster Database
Release Number
November 2019
English (United States)
Last Update
Documents are located at https://www.info.teradata.com.
Beginning with AD 6.20.05, this document contains all updated content to support ongoing AD releases.
Title and Description
Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Aster Appliances

Describes how to use Aster Database on Aster appliances.

Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Commodity Hardware

Describes how to use Aster Database on commodity hardware.

Teradata Aster® Client Guide

Describes how to install and use Aster Clients.

Teradata Aster® Analytics Foundation User Guide

Describes the Aster Analytic suite of functions, including function name, description, syntax, arguments and examples.

Teradata Aster® Developer Guide

Describes developing and running functions in the SQL-Analytics framework, including how to create custom SQL-MapReduce and Teradata Aster SQL-GR™ functions.

Teradata Aster® Development Environment User Guide

Describes the Teradata Aster plugin for Eclipse, which enables developers to create their own SQL-MapReduce Java-based functions within a visual development environment.

Teradata Aster® Database Installation and Upgrade Guide

Explains how to install and upgrade Aster Database and Aster Backup on commodity hardware and Aster appliances.

Teradata Aster® R User Guide

Provides introductory, installation, and usage information for users of the Teradata Aster R product.