15.11 - Improvements - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata BAR Backup Application Software Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
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February 2016
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Improvements are new features and changes that enhance product operation. JIRA numbers for improvements are listed in the following table.

Improvement Description
TDBAR-6960 Implement Integration with CAM
TDBAR-10893 Integrate Teradata Aster Database to DSA BAR solution
TDBAR-11339 Resubmit the run job command with a special option to handle the skipped objects from the previous run.
TDBAR-13406 Provide customer choice to skip or continue the job when access rights violation is encountered
TDBAR-19945 Enable /etc/init.d/dsc status to report if DSC is truly started
TDBAR-20357 Help for the list_sysem_status command needs to specify command is only valid for Aster
TDBAR-20499 Wait for response before closing credentials dialog
TDBAR-20584 BARNC change for Aster Physical "Dictionary phase"
TDBAR-20616 BAR portlets - Fix exceptions reported by Sonar that are swallowed and not logged, or are logged without a stack trace
TDBAR-20908 consolidate_job_logs - barNC upload script can do a retry in case of FAILED upload.
TDBAR-21643 BAR Portlets - Alerts: Alert rule for system is not valid "All conditions below"