15.11 - Resolved Issues - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata BAR Backup Application Software Release Definition

Data Stream Architecture
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February 2016
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The following table lists JIRA numbers for issues resolved for this release.

Issue Description
TDBAR-18797 While running Repository backup Job status command throwing java.lang.NullPointerException ..
TDBAR-18806 create_job cmd - DSC should be performing validation of the retire_value field when jobs are submitted via command-line
TDBAR-18808 run_job cmd - the job is not running but waiting for the job completion status when using -p -w
TDBAR-18859 Creating Analyze read job based on the backup specifying " from specific save set" option I can select more than one save set ( involves paging)
TDBAR-18878 BAR Operations: Time stamp changes to local time when you edit a restore job created from Delta or cumulative save set.
TDBAR-18900 run_job cmd: the command hangs if the given job doesn't exist with -b parameter
TDBAR-18949 create_job cmd - should enforce saveset related xml elements' max characters to comply with spec
TDBAR-18958 export_job cmd - <parent_name> element contains incorrect value when exporting an existing restore job
TDBAR-19016 Issue creating dbc_only restore job from migrated backup job, second set of password field is getting empty
TDBAR-19035 DSAinputs: nfsmasterhostname=na
TDBAR-19202 This use to work before, Invalid parameter "-[name]" for repository backup job type BACKUP
TDBAR-19206 job_status: the command hangs when using -I 1 -B
TDBAR-19912 15.11 Vulnerability scan- 0 should be valid input size
TDBAR-19969 Clienthandler install script not case sensitive
TDBAR-19976 CLI allow retire_job command on QUEUED job
TDBAR-20008 Abort queue job CLI reporting error message job is not running.
TDBAR-20059 Listing retired jobs throwing java.lang.NullPointerException .
TDBAR-20087 DSC install during upgrade convert Viewpoint authentication (Default value: tcp): to http
TDBAR-20097 After fresh install file tdbackex created with the wrong permission -rw-rw----
TDBAR-20320 Typo in sample file and space in the middle of the file name
TDBAR-20367 Standard Error should go to /dev/null
TDBAR-20444 15.11, build 1413, BarNC reporting zero size for non existance files
TDBAR-20596 Cannot Run Delta or Cumulative backups for Teradata BACKUP job from Bar Operations portlet
TDBAR-20603 BAR Operations-Aster: Credentials- password validation is not done when you edit the system credentials second time
TDBAR-20626 Media Server Copy dialog reduces portlet height and leaves blank space below the portlet content
TDBAR-20803 BAR Operations Portlet - Can't browse in the "Map to different database on the destination system" dialog
TDBAR-20920 Failed to create 32 character long nickname for DDboost