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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

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June 2021
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Available-character-sets might be used to allow selection of a character set name from a list of all character sets supported by the database.

Refers the TDP whose TDP identifier is addressed by the QEPTIDP field and has length specified by the QEPTLEN field. Since they do not apply, the QEPRQST and QEPTOKEN fields must contain binary zeroes.

Returns the names of the character sets installed and activated on the database. The response consists of four fixed fields followed by a variable number of character set names. As many whole character set names as will fit into the response area whose length is indicated by QEPRALEN will be returned. If all names are not returned, another query may be issued specifying the returned token to indicate that names after those already returned are processed.

Item Code Mnemonic  
Field Value
28 QEPIACS QERACSTK ('token' for C) Four-byte token to be placed into QEPTOKEN to retrieve any additional character set names. The content of the token is undefined and must not be altered by the application.
QERACSNR (namesRemaining for C) Two-byte unsigned integer indicating the number of character set names not returned.
QERACSNP (namesPresent for C) Two-byte unsigned integer indicating the number of character set names returned.
QERACSLN (nameLen for C) Two-byte unsigned integer indicating the length of each character set name.
Immediately following are the number of names, in EBCDIC, indicated by QERACSNP, each of length indicated by QERACSLN.