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Each parcel type has a unique number and a unique name corresponding to it. The following table lists the basic parcels by flavor number:

Flavor Parcel Name Flavor Parcel Name
8 Success 9 Failure
10 Record 11 EndStatement
12 EndRequest 17 OK
18 Field 19 NullField
20 TitleStart 21 TitleEnd
22 FormatStart 23 FormatEnd
24 SizeStart 25 SizeEnd
26 Size 27 RecStart
28 RecEnd 33 With
34 Position 35 EndWith
46 PosStart 47 PosEnd
49 Error 71 DataInfo
86 PrepInfo 122 Flagger
125 PrepInfoX 144 MultipartRecord
145 EndMultipartRecord 146 DataInfoX
150 ElicitData 151 ElicitFile
152 ElicitDataReceived 164 ErrorInformation
169 StatementInformation 170 StatementInformationEnd
171 ResultSummary 172 ResultSet
176 ElicitDataByName 192 StatementError
205 StatementStatus    

When Parcel-mode applications fetch the results of a request, the parcel flavor is returned in the DBCAREA DBCOPFLV field, the length of the body of the parcel in the DBFOFDL field, and the address of the parcel body in the DBFXFDP field. Thus, such applications do not concern themselves with the actual parcel header, only the parcel body. While the length of the original parcel included the length of the header, the length returned in the DBCAREA does not.