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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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June 2021
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Teradata Tools and Utilities


Returned in response to a successfully executed Teradata SQL statement when using Enhanced Statement-status.

It also indicates successful completion of other types of requests (for example, a logon request) when using Enhanced Statement-status.

Usage Notes

This parcel is generated by the database.

Parcel Data

The following information applies to the ResultSummary parcel.

Flavor Parcel Body Length Parcel Body Fields
171 24 to maximum parcel size    
Activity Count: 8-byte unsigned integer
Statement No: 2-byte unsigned integer
Field Count: 2-byte unsigned integer
Activity Type: 2-byte unsigned integer

See Activity Type for the possible activity types

Mode: One EBCDIC character, as one of the following:
  • F - if Response-mode is Field
  • R - if Response-mode is Record
  • I - if Response-mode is Indicator
  • M - if Response-mode is MultipartIndicator
  • blank - if Response-mode does not apply to the request
Reserved: Nine bytes
Optional self-defining extensions: Zero or more bytes

Zero or more self-defining extensions may be present to convey situation-dependent information. When multiple extensions are present, their order is undefined. Each extension begins with the following fields:

Field Length Description
Information Id 2-byte unsigned integer Identifies the type of extension, as one of the following, 1 Warning Message.
Information Length 2-byte unsigned integer Specifies the length of subsequent data in the extension (does not include the length of the extension header).

The Warning Message extension consists of the following fields:

Field Length Description
Warning-number 2-byte unsigned integer Identifies the database message number of the warning
Warning-message Length varies The text of the database message, in the request’s character set, associated with the Warning-number.