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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

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June 2021
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The format of the request string is as follows:

String Element Length (bytes) Description
Function Code 2

Indicates the operation to be performed.

Allowable values are as follows:
  • 1 – Return a list of in-doubt Teradata transactions
  • 2 – Commit all in-doubt Teradata transactions
  • 3 – Commit in-doubt Teradata transactions in sessions specified in session array
  • 4 – Roll back all in-doubt Teradata transactions
  • 5 – Roll back specified in-doubt Teradata transactions
  • 6 – Return a list of coordinators
Logoff flag 1

When set to binary 1, it indicates that the resolved sessions were to be logged off.

Otherwise, set to binary zero.

Logical Host Id 2 Identifies the client submitting the request.
Coordinator length 2 Indicates the number of bytes in the subsequent coordinator string.
Coordinator 30 max Identifies the coordinator responsible for the in-doubt transactions that are to be listed, committed, or rolled back.
Number of numbers 2 Indicates the number of session numbers in the Session ID array.
Session number array 4 per number

Contain the TDP-assigned session numbers of the sessions that are to be terminated.

The array is used with function codes 3 and 5 only.

For all other function codes, the array is empty.