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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

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When using CLIv2, the Fetch function returns the output parcels. The output parcel sequence is as follows:
  • Success or a Failure parcel:
    • If Failure is returned, the error code defines the reason for the failure. For example, if a parcel is malformed, a failure response is generated.
    • If Success is returned, the activity count reports the number of transactions or coordinators affected.
  • Record parcel (for requests that execute a list function)
  • EndStatement
  • EndRequest
The following sections describe the responses for each of the function codes in the Request parcel.

Response to Function Code 1 (List Transactions)

If in-doubt Teradata transactions are found, the Success parcel activity count indicates how many transactions were found. The response includes one record parcel for each transaction.

The record parcel includes the following:
Flavor Field Length Field Parcel Body Fields
10 11 to 40 Session No: 4-byte unsigned integer

String Length: 2-byte unsigned integer

RunUnitID: 1 to 30 bytes

  • SessionNo is the session number assigned by the TDP to the session creating the transaction. This session number has an implicit qualifier of the host identifier for the TDP.
  • StringLength is the number of bytes in the RunUnitID.
  • RunUnitID is the run unit identifier assigned to the transaction by the vote request.

Response to Function Codes 2 and 4 (Terminate All)

The Success parcel activity count indicates the number of completed Teradata transactions.

Response to Function Codes 3 and 5 (Terminate Some)

The Success parcel activity count indicates the number of terminated Teradata transactions. If a specified session either is not found or does not have an in-doubt transaction, then a failure parcel is returned and no action will be taken on any sessions.

Response to Function Code 6 (List Coordinators)

The response includes one record parcel for each coordinator that has in-doubt sessions on the database. The record parcel includes:
Flavor Field Length Field Parcel Body Fields
10 7 to 36 String Length: 2 bytes

CoordinatorID: 1 to 30 bytes

  • StringLength is a 2-byte field that contains the length of the bytes that follow in CoordinatorID.
  • CoordinatorID (30 bytes maximum) identifies the coordinator responsible for the in-doubt transactions.