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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

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June 2021
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When an ElicitData, ElicitDataByName, or ElicitFile response parcel is fetched, the database requires additional information to complete the request. To provide that information, an application must perform the following steps:

  1. Modify the DBCAREA.
    1. Set the Function to 15 (ContinueRequest).
    2. Set the Input CLIv2 Session Id to the Output-CLIv2-request-number returned when the session was established.
    3. Set the Input-CLIv2-request-number to the Output-CLIv2-request-number returned when the request was initiated.
    4. Set the Request-pointer field.
    5. Set the Request-length field.
    6. Optionally set the following fields:

      Fetch Buffer Length field

      Message-area-pointer field

      Message-area-length field

    7. Optionally set the Change-options option to 'Y', and set the following:

      C2S-conversion option

      Locate-mode option

      Maximum-parcel option

  2. Call DBCHCL to perform the ContinueRequest function.
  3. Check the return code from DBCHCL:
    Return Code Result
    0 Call DBCHCL to perform a Fetch function to get the final status of the rewind and the first part of the response. For more information, see Fetching the Response for a Request.
    anything else Process the return code and DBCAREA message.
  4. Call DBCHCL to perform the End Request function. For more information, see Ending a Request.