17.10 - CliPostSQLExt - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Release Number
Release Date
October 2021
Content Type
Programming Reference
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English (United States)

CliPostSQLExt is the CLI Post-process SQL User Exit function of DBCHCL. CliPostSQLExt is used to collect user-supplied time statistics of SQL requests.

Calling CliPostSQLExt

CliPostSQLExt is called and executed after CLIFET. The following functionality will be added:
  • The user written function is executed when the Process_Post in CliPreSQLExt is set to 1 or true and CliPreSQLExt is put in CliPostSQLExt.
  • The Post-process SQL flag from CliPreSQLExt is set to false so further execution of CliPostUsrSQLExt will not occur during parcel return.


struct CliPostSQLExit
   char   *SQL_Request_ptr;    /* pointer to user request */
   char   Start_date[80];      /* start date in ascii */
   Int32  Clock_time;          /* clock time */
   char   dbcname[DBCNAMLEN];  /* DBC name */
   char   username[USRNAMLEN]; /* username */
   char   account[ACTNAMLEN];  /* account */
   char   password[PWDNAMLEN]; /* password */
   char   domain[DOMAINLEN];   /* domain */
   Int32  *SQL_len_ptr;        /* length of user request */
   Int32  logsessid;           /* logical session id */

Return Value

No values are returned by this function.

Error Handling

No special error conditions will be processed by this function. Parcel information returned by the Teradata SQL request will be passed to the calling utility (that is, BTEQ, FastLoad, etc.) or the user application calling CLI.