17.10 - Workload Pointer - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Release Number
Release Date
October 2021
Content Type
Programming Reference
Publication ID
English (United States)

Usage Notes

The workload pointer specifies the address of the program or process name string.

If the name is shorter than eight bytes, it will be padded with trailing blanks. If the name is longer than eight bytes, it will be truncated to eight bytes.

Language Variable Name
C: workload_ptr
Routine Action Taken
DBCHINI: writes
DBCHCL: reads (CON)
Used by Action Taken
application program writes

Possible value can be set in this DBCAREA field is an ASCII character string of program or process name.