17.10 - Overriding Values - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Release Number
October 2021
Last Update
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
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To override default values contained in the internal SPB, the user specifies the new values in the clispb.dat.

File values are specified by using a mnemonic term, such as an option field name, followed by an equal sign (=) and the appropriate value. For example, resp_mode=R.

The clispb.dat file is distributed with one item per line, and that item is set exactly the same as it is in the internal SPB.

When you modify the file, you may either keep the same format or vary the format, if you stay within the following guidelines:
  • As many items may be placed on a line as will fit in 80 characters;
  • Items may not span lines and must be separated by commas;
  • Any number of spaces may separate items and the fields in an item specification;
  • Option values must be in uppercase;
  • The dbcname may be in upper or lowercase.