17.10 - The clispb.dat Listing - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Release Number
October 2021
English (United States)
Last Update

The following table gives the contents of the clispb.dat file. The defaults are recommended for typical workstation-attached systems. See the corresponding field name for more information.

Name Default DBCAREA Field Name
change_opts Y Change Options
charset_id* ASCII Character Set Pointer
This field contains either the character set code or the character set name. In the DBCAREA charset_id is named Character Set Pointer.
connect_type N Connect Type
charset_type N Character Set Type
columnInfo 0 Varying-length column title and format information
consider_aph_resps N APH/1 MB Responses
data_encryption N Data Encryption
date_form D Date Form
dbriseg N Segmented data transfer for (TDSP)
dynamic_result_sets_allowed N Dynamic Result Sets Allowed
i_dbcpath dbc Input DBCpath
keep_resp N Keep Response
lang_conformance N Language Conformance
lang_id EN Language to be used for generating CLI messages
loc_mode N Locate Mode
logmech_name N/A Logon Mechanism Name
logon_timeout 240 Logon Timeout
max_decimal_returned 0 Maximum Decimal Precision
max_num_sess 300 Maximum Number of Sessions
maximum_parcel O Maximum Parcel
msg_security N Message Security
parcel_mode Y Parcel Mode Fetch
req_buf_len 1024 Request Buffer Length
req_proc_opt E Request Processing Option
request_mode P Request Mode
resp_ buf_len 8192 Response Buffer Length
resp_mode R Response Mode
ret_time N Return Time
return_object D Type of LOB to be returned
send_delegated_credentials Y send delegated credentials
save_resp_buf N Save Response Buffer (not used)
SP_return_result 0 Stored Procedure return result
sslca   No matching DBCAREA field name. CA certificate file path
sslcapath   No matching DBCAREA field name. The directory containing CA certificates
sslmode A SSLMODE
tell_about_delay Y Tell About Delay
timing_precision 20 Timing-Precision
two_resp_bufs N Two Response Buffer
tx_semanticss D Transaction Semantics
use_presence_bits N Use Presence Bits
var_len_fetch N Variable Length Fetch
var_len_req N Variable Length Request
wait_across_delay N Wait Across Delay
wait_for_resp N Wait For Response

If you have write access to clispb.dat, you may edit clispb.dat and replace the current names with the old (alternate) ones. The following table gives the corresponding names:

Current Old
change_opts seto
data_encryption secure
i_dbcpath dbcname
keep_resp krsp
loc_mode floc
max_num_sess maxsess
parcel mode btpm
req_buf_len reqlen
req_proc_opt funt
resp_buf_len rsplen
resp_mode rmod
ret_time rts
save_resp_buf fsvb
tell_about_delay crtl
two_resp_bufs twob
use_presence_bits idta
var_len_fetch fvar
var_len_req rvar
wait_across_delay crsw
wait_for_resp bsyw
long_conformance conf

CLI does not recognize the old symbol names.