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Teradata® DSA - DSE for IBM Spectrum Protect Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

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March 2021
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In a multiple DSC environment, target groups must have different names on each DSC. For example, use target_group_a and target_group_a1.
  • This process installs Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) and Postgres on the new system if they are not already installed.

    If the TPT install fails, you must manually install it and if necessary, CLIv2.

    • If the DSC is currently on Teradata database 15.10, both TPT and CLIv2 must be version 15.10.
    • If the DSC is currently on Teradata database 16.20, both TPT and CLIv2 must be version 16.20.
  • A folder, pgdata, is created during this process. Do not delete it or its content until the migration is successfully completed.
  1. ssh to the new DSC system and navigate to a folder where you have enough free space to export the BAR repository.
  2. Download DSAMetaDataMigrator__sles11-12_x8664.17.xx.xx.xx-xxx.tar.gz from Teradata Software server and transfer to the DSC system.
  3. Extract the content.
    tar -xvzf DSAMetaDataMigrator__sles11-12_x8664.17.xx.xx.xx-xxx.tar.gz
  4. Go to the extracted folder and run the subsequent steps from there.
  5. Install python3 and its dependency module.
  6. Generate a property file using this command:
    ./runAutoMigration.py -g
    This generates a properties.xml file prepopulated with values available from the DSC installation. This step assumes it's being created on the source system so it can update the DSC server details. Use this file as input for rest of the options.
  7. Edit properties.xml to update it with credentials of DSC boxes.
    More information about properties.xml (and a commented sample) can be found in Properties.xml File.
  8. Export the metadata:
    ./runAutoMigration.py -e
    The metadata from from the Teradata repository is exported to a flat file in .csv format in a folder called pgdata.
  9. Run ./dscinstall.sh -r DSC.17.xx.xx.xx-xxxxxx.rpm to install DSC 17.xx.00.00 on the new system with Postgres as the repository.
    Be sure to use the same credentials as are put in the properties file.
    Make sure DSC and REST service is up and running after installation. In case you have client handler locally installed to new DSC, then make sure it's up and running.
  10. Verify DSC with REST API is running.
    /etc/init.d/dsc status
  11. Import the metadata from the flat files to the new repository.
    ./runAutoMigration.py -i
    This imports the exported data from flat file to Postgres database. If not in silent mode, and any user data is present in the Postgres repo, user is asked if clean up can proceed.
  12. [Optional] Validate the import process.
    ./runAutoMigration.py -v
    This validates the export and import process by comparing the number of rows for each table in the Teradata repo and Postgres.
  13. [Optional] Reconfigure the new DSC.
    1. Update the properties file with media servers and systems details.
      ./runAutoMigration.py -g
    2. Edit properties.xml with the credentials of the systems and media servers.
    3. Run configuration.
      ./runAutoMigration.py -r
  14. Download and upgrade the ClientHandler, Access Modules, and the BAR command line components (See Installing Software with Scripts.