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Teradata® DSA - DSE for IBM Spectrum Protect Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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March 2021
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Logs Created During DSA Installation

Logs in the following table contain messages produced during package installation.
Log File Location
dscinstall.log Resides on the DSC server in /tmp.
clienthandlerinstall.log Resides on media servers in /tmp.
axms3install.log On media servers that are configured for S3, resides in /tmp.
axmazureinstall.log On media servers that are configured for Azure, resides in /tmp.
axmgcpinstall.log On media servers that are configured for GCP, resides in /tmp.
barcmdlineinstall.log Resides in one of the following servers in /tmp:
  • DSC server
  • Media server
barportletsinstall.log Resides on the Viewpoint server in /tmp.
axmspectruminstall.log On media servers that are configured for Spectrum Protect, resides in /tmp.


The DSA REST log is the log from the DSARest web service.

Log File Location
dsarest.log Resides at /var/opt/teradata/dsa/logs/.
  • To check status of DSARest /etc/init.d/dsc wsstatus
  • Start DSARest - /etc/init.d/dsc wsstart
  • Stop DSARest - /etc/init.d/dsc wsstop
  • Restart DSARest - /etc/init.d/dsc wsrestart

Spectrum Protect Key Log and Configuration Files

Location Logs
  • dsmerror.log – key error log
  • dsminstr.log – key instrumentation log
  • devconfig.txt – Storage Server connection information used to start the server
  • dsmerror.log – Key log file for Storage agent errors
  • dsmsta.opt – Key config file for Storage Agent.
    • TCPPort (Shared Memory) – Found you may need this setting to force shared memory access for LANFree to the Node from the Storage Agent. Use a port other than the default 1500 that typically used between the Node and the IBM Server; for example, TCPPort 3700
    • IDLETIMEOUT – Increase timeout if long restores are not getting resources allocated as expected. Recommended: IDLETIMEOUT 600
  • dsmsta.rc – Start and stop the storage agent on a client; for example, ./dsmsta.rc stop/start/restart
    A dsmserv.v6lock file is found in this directory whenever the storage agent is running.
  • ./dsmsta – Start the storage agent in the foreground, gives a prompt. Use HALT to exit from storage agent and stop the service. This is a good way to watch and catch errors.
/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/bin and /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/
  • dsmerror.log – Key error log
  • dsm.opt – Client options file used at startup
  • dsm.sys – Client connection file used at startup
  • dsmc – Spectrum client (CLI)
  • dsmj – Spectrum client (GUI)
  • dsmadmc – Spectrum Server (CLI)