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Teradata® DSA - DSE for Veritas NetBackup Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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An administrator can use the Media and Device Management feature of the NetBackup Administration Console for a single view of all NetBackup domain components. The Media Manager is also available to configure tapes or other storage units for a Teradata DSA configuration. Refer to the Media Manager for NetBackup System Administrator’s Guide for more information.

The number of volumes required depends on the devices used, the size of the databases that are being backed up, and the size and frequency of the backup jobs.

In a NetBackup Enterprise domain where the master server is not on one of the Teradata BAR servers, the Backup Administrator, upon request from the Teradata Administrator, can configure the media and devices. In a NetBackup configuration where the master server is also on one of the BAR servers, the Teradata Administrator can configure the master/media server.