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Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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March 2022
English (United States)
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Do not edit any property setting after installation.
Property Description Default Setting
broker.list Hostname or IP address of the machine running the ActiveMQ broker and port number on the server where the ActiveMQ broker is listening (61616 for tcp, 61617 for ssl). Default: 61616 61616
broker.type Type of ActiveMQ connection (tcp or ssl). If tcp is chosen, the ActiveMQ connection is validated during install. If ssl is chosen, the ActiveMQ (jms ssl) password should match the DSA REST API https password. Default: tcp tcp
log4j.rootLogger Logging level of the DSC component.
Changing the logging level requires a manual restart of the ClientHandler.
Other values:
  • WARN
log4j.appender.logfile.file Location of the log file  
log4j.appender.logfile Internal setting for logging infrastructure  
log4j.appender.logfile.maxFileSize Maximum size of the logging file before being rolled over to backup file 10 MB
log4j.appender.logfile.maxBackupIndex Number of backup logging files that are created. The oldest file is erased if the maximum number of files have been created. 3
log4j.appender.logfile.layout Internal setting for logging infrastructure  
log4j.appender.logfile.layout.ConversionPattern Pattern of the log file layout  
memory.numbuffers Number of buffers per stream that are allocated. This parameter is useful for limiting memory.  
memory.sizebuffers The initial size of buffers.

Even if the initial buffer size is low, a buffer may grow to approximately 1MB during a backup or restore job. This is the size of a single, full record from the database.

If the default value causes a problem, such as when buffers are frequently reallocated and memory fragmentation occurs, you can use this parameter to allocate buffers of the appropriate size.

perf.buffersperstream The number of buffers that DSA Network Client allocates per network stream or socket.

The minimum value is 1. The maximum value is 64.

perf.sizebuffers The starting size of the buffers.

The minimum value is 1. The maximum value is 2097152.

server.port Socket number on which the BAR server is listening 15401 Name of the BAR server Hostname of the BAR master server.
server.protocol Protocol used for communication between the database and the BAR server. Values: SSL or TCP. TCP
server.backupAppClientName Name of the backup application client.
This property is used only with NetBackup-enabled media servers.
Hostname of the system on which the ClientHandler is installed
ssl.truststore.file Used for setting up SSL truststore information. Only required if protocol is SSL.  
ssl.keystore.file Used for setting up SSL keystore information. Only required if protocol is SSL.  
ssl.keystore.passwordencoded Used by SSL communication and is the encrypted password for the keystore.  
CBBTempFile.path Path to the temporary file repository for CBB. The path is found only on the Web Service master server, which is used for incremental job communication. /var/opt/teradata/dsa/cbb
Master.hostname Host name of the Web Service master server, which is used for incremental job communication. The CBBTempFile.path is mounted on the Web Service master server. Retention of NetBackup in days 180
logger.useTviLogger TVI logger on or off setting. When set to true, fatal error messages can be sent to TVI . true
startup.retry.interval Time interval measured in seconds for retrying the connection to ActiveMQ during ClientHandler startup. 300
tvi.retry Number of times the ClientHandler tries to connect to ActiveMQ during DSC startup before error messages are reported to TVI 10
Webservice.port Port number that the ClientHandler Web Service uses for incremental job media server communication. 15402