17.20 - Postgres to Postgres Migration on New DSC - BAR - Data Stream Architecture - Data Stream Extensions

Teradata® DSA - DSE for Veritas NetBackup Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
Release Number
March 2022
English (United States)
Last Update
  1. Download and extract DSAMetadataMigrator- or later.
  2. Prepare or use previous dsa_inputs.yaml generated using ./generateYml.py) dsa_inputs.yaml.
  3. Only one Media_Server per Teradata MPP system is allowed when isMPP : true. It internally uses PCL tool to communicate with all other media_servers on Teradata MPP system.
  4. Run python3 runCompleteMigration.py -f dsa_input.yaml. On SLES11 & SLES12 run ./runCompleteMigration.py -f dsa_inputs.yaml.
    This script performs the following tasks:
    • SSH login to old DSC and read the POSTGRES password from jdbc.properties.
    • Using PG_DUMP, read old DSC repo data and store it in LandingZone at new DSC.
    • Run restore with recover.sh utility into local new DSC Repo.
    • Validate with ROW count between old and new DSC.
    • Execute upgrade scripts (change log) based on old DSC version.
    • If needed, update or modify DSC name.
    • Reconfigure only components given dsa_inputs.yml.
    • Compare list_consumers and list_components on old and new DSC.
    • Provide appropriate message or action or exit code.
      • EXIT 0 (Migration completed successfully).
      • EXIT 1 (Migration completed with warnings. Needs changes or executions).
      • EXIT 2 (Migration failed).