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If the BAR administrator does not have Viewpoint administrative privileges, the BAR portlets must be enabled from the Roles Manager and Portlet Library administrative portlets before accessing BAR Setup or adding BAR Operations to the Viewpoint portal page.
  1. Enable BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlet access for the BAR Administrator role from Roles Manager.
    The BAR administrator role can edit, run, or abort any BAR job, even if they do not own the job or are specifically granted permission in the job permissions. It is easier to grant permissions to roles than to each user separately.
    1. From the Teradata Viewpoint portal page, click "".
    2. Select Roles Manager.
    3. Next to Role select Administrator.
    4. Select the Portlets tab.
    5. Under Applications, select "" for the BAR Operations portlet to access the Permissions view.
      The "" is on the right side of the screen. Widen your browser window if it does not appear.
    6. Select the permissions you want for this role.
      Option Description
      Enable portlet settings Allows role members to select default object types to display in the object browser of the BAR Operations portlet.
      Share portlet Allows users to share customized versions of the portlet with other users.
      BAR Admin Enables the BAR Setup portlet.
    7. Click Apply.
    8. Click Close.
  2. Enable role access to the portlets from Portlet Library.
    1. From the Teradata Viewpoint portal page, click "".
    2. Select Portlet Library.
    3. Select the Portlets tab.
    4. Under Applications select the BAR Operations checkbox.
    5. Click Apply.
    6. Click Close.
  3. Add the BAR Operations portlet in Viewpoint portal page.
    1. From your Teradata Viewpoint page, click "" next to Add Content.
      If "" Add Content does not appear, make sure you are on your page and not the Dashboard.
    2. Under Applications select BAR Operations, and then click Add.