16.20 - Improvements - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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September 2019
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Improvements are new features and changes that enhance product operation. JIRA numbers for improvements are listed in the following table.

DSA 16.20.51

Improvement Description
DSA-7896 Upgrade ActiveMQ to v 5.15.9
DSA-12019 Diffie-Hellman group smaller than 2048 bits ciphers should be removed from the SSL certificates used by DS REST API
DSA-12285 Need to detect when a Gen0 backup will be created when media servers are down and provide option to reject the job.

DSA 16.20.50

Improvement Description
DSA-9320 Add new AWS regions support in DSA
DSA-9322 Correct stream distribution when HSN takes over
DSA-11376 DSC repository available on NewSQL Engine 16.20 Feature Update 2 on SLES11 SP3

DSA 16.20.12

Improvement Description
DSA-184 Restart capability for restore jobs
DSA-654 NetBackup autopopulation of policies
DSA-1641 BAR Portlets changes: Allow exclude macro/view/trigger for create_job/update_job for NewSQL Engine 16.20 or later
DSA-1924 New object type function_alias(ALIAS) from NewSQL Engine / Teradata Database
DSA-2226 Access module support for Gov/Germany cloud on Azure
DSA-2487 BAR Setup: Support network fabric

DSA 16.20

Improvement Description
DSA-165 DSA - JSE - Report byte/row counts more frequently so users can see detailed progress of DSA jobs
DSA-166 DSA - JSE - Report progress during dictionary phase of jobs
DSA-167 DSA - BAR operations: Auto-refresh and show more status/errors while job running
DSA-169 DSA - Auto discover default soft & hard limits instead of requiring client to supply these values.
DSA-174 DSA - Installer integration into Data Mover
DSA-176 DSA - Add job level streams setting when running data mover job rest API
DSA-193 DSA - Add an option for user to skip Join & hash Indices on a restore