16.20 - Resolved Issues - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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September 2019
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DSA 16.20.51

Issue Description
DSA-11462 Not able to delete media server if we change the media server name after target group creation
DSA-13010 fail to create data migration job using sample file for data migration job
DSA-13087 Check job status for repository job and fail the job right away if job is not running on DSC side

DSA 16.20.50

Issue Description
DSA-12280 DSC: Selective Restore Job Definitions with no Parent Name provided does not get the Backup Job Name populated automatically
DSA-12074 import_job_metadata timeout when dsc logging mode is DEBUG and number of objects in the xml exceeds certain number
DSA-11174 Override job definition in import_job_metadata to support any imported job definition from prior release.
DSA-11059 DSC need to stop user create/update DBC copy job - no map to is allowed for DBC only restore
DSA-10829 Data Mover job fails w/exception.job.not_exist and "repository is offline, job is rejected"
DSA-9397 BAR NC: Suppress of the benign AXMS3 "code 336130315 message wrong version number" in clienthandler logs
DSA-9372 Jobplan preview is taking long time with info logging
DSA-9300 DSA REST: Remove support for TLSv1(ciphers) as not secure.
DSA-9020 Incorrect job plan with amp - stream distribution created when HSN node takes over
DSA-7886 Add new AWS regions support in DSA
DSA-7812 DSC: After restoring DSC Repository multiple duplicate repo jobs appear
DSA-7711 ELM backups are missing table descriptors
DSA-7456 BAR NC: BARNC needs to handle getConsumers error from ActiveMQ gracefully
DSA-6213 DSC - Activemq: Alerts for DSA components being unavailable w/o reason
DSA-5448 DSA REST: /status/log REST API should return parent information for all object types
DSA-5195 DSC - BAR NC: DSC does validate the queryBackupId/queryNbuBackupIds/exortJobMetadata command against admin privilege
DSA-4959 DSC: Different dsc name for importing job metadata for the same job
DSA-3608 DSC: Problem with New Target Group for Restore.
DSA-614 DSC Install should set the PDE AutoStart flag to 1 so that TD DBS Repository starts up at boot time