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November 2022
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When creating a restore job from the migrated save set, the restore job must specify the target group that was mapped in the source and destination domains.

If the save set is being restored to a database system that is different than the source, set the run_as_copy option to true. The database object must exist on the destination system with perm space allocated before the copy job runs.

  1. Type dsc create_job followed by the parameters, and press Enter.
    Parameter Description
    n|name Name The name of the job on which to perform the action. Must be unique for each job.
    d|description Description A meaningful description of the job. To allow a multiword description, add \" before and after the description string. \"A description of Job 1\"
    t|type Type restore
    run_as_copy true
    b|backup_name BackupName [Optional] An existing backup job name. For restore, analyze_read, and analyze_validate jobs only.
    v|backup_version BackupVersion

    [Optional] Backup version number. For restore, analyze_read, and analyze_validate jobs only. Enter latest or 0 for the latest save set.

    f|file filename The full file path and file name of the file containing the necessary parameters to create the job. If the same parameters are provided both in the file and on the command line, Teradata DSA uses the values specified in the command line.
    u|user_authentication User Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.
  2. Type the user name and password, and press Enter.
  3. Type dsc run_job and press Enter.

Restoring a Migrated Job

The following example restores a migrated job called SDBA_Weekly.

Note the following restrictions on job options:
  • If single_object_locking is true and online is true, the backup job fails.
  • If single_object_locking is true and data_phase is DICTIONARY, the backup job fails.
  • If single_object_locking is true, a DBC-only backup job is rejected.
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