17.20 - Using the export_import Tool to Automate DSA Job Migration to a Different Domain - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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User Guide
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This tool can export and/or import job metadata from Source DSC to Target DSC. To use this tool, you need to make sure configuration of Target DSC is similar to Source DSC (for example; Target group, Systems and Media server).

The system currently supports configuration of migrated jobs on Target DSC for DFS target group. Use this tool to create or run restore job for the MIGRATED job.


Python 3.4+ installed using "pip3 install -r requirements.txt".


python3 job_metadata.py -SourceDSCname SourceDSCNAME -SourceDSCusername SourceDSCUSERNAME -TargetDSCname TargetDSCNAME -TargetDSCusername TargetDSCUSERNAME -JobName JOBNAME -path PATH [-Type TYPE] [-config_target_group_map YES/NO]

Mandatory arguments
Option Value Description
-SourceDSCname {DSC Name} Name of the Source DSC
-SourceDSCusername {Source DSC User Name} User name of Source DSC
-TargetDSCname {Target DSC Name} Name of the Target DSC
-TargetDSCusername {Target DSC User Name} User Name of Target DSC
-JobName {Name of the Job} Jobnames File Path to export and import
-Path {Path} Job Metadata files location
Optional Arguments
Option Value Description
Type TARGET/JOB/SAVESET {Job Metadata Type} Type of Job Metadata
config_target_group_map YES/NO {Yes or No} Virtual Config Target group Map in TargetDSC
Ensure "-path" location/directory is present in both Source and Target DSC.

Sample Result

Job Metadata Summary Report

------------------  --------------  --------

BKP_20210610021939  EXPORT          PASS

BKP_20210610021939  IMPORT          PASS

BKP_20210609003054  EXPORT          PASS

BKP_20210609003054  IMPORT          PASS
Export/Import Pass/Fail Count Summary Report
Export Jobs Passed :  2

Export Jobs Failed :  0

Import Jobs Passed :  2

Import Jobs Failed :  0
Overall Job Metadata Summary Report
No. Jobs Passed  :  2
No.Jobs Failed :  0
Virtual Target Group Map Configuration Summary Report
Target Group Name    STATUS

-------------------  --------

Target_DFS_1           PASS
Target_DFS_2           PASS

Total Virtual Configuration Target Group Map Passed Count :  2
Total Virtual Configuration Target Group Map Failed Count :  0