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November 2022
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If you removed the Time Zone String on the destination system before running the DIPMIG script, restore the string after you run it.
  1. On the destination system, access the directory where you saved the copy of tdlocaledef.txt. For example:
    # cd /opt/teradata/tdat/tdbms/XX.XX.XX.XX/etc/
  2. Delete the tdlocaledef.txt file you edited to remove the Time Zone String, and rename the original tdlocaledef.txt.orig file to tdlocaledef.txt. For example:
    # rm tdlocaledef.txt
    # mv tdlocaledef.txt.orig tdlocaledef.txt
  3. Run the tdlocaledef utility to compile the tdlocaledef.txt file.
    # /usr/tdbms/bin/tdlocaledef -input  tdlocaledef.txt  -output new
  4. Run tpareset to restart the database and put the new tdlocaledef settings into effect, restoring the original Time Zone String:
    # tpareset -f set the Time Zone String
  5. Run the DBS Control utility and display the General fields to confirm that the Time Zone String has been restored.
    # dbscontrol
    Enter a command, HELP, or QUIT:
    di gen
    Confirm that the value for field 18 is no longer Not Set.
     18. System TimeZone String         = America Pacific