Run backup jobs based on a prior full or cumulative job completed with errors - 17.20 - Enhanced Change Block Backup - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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You can set your system configuration to allow you to run backup jobs based on a prior full or cumulative job that completed with errors. See Usage Notes in config_systems for skip_force_full option.

Prior to DSA 17.10, a job that completed with errors requires the next job to be a full backup or cumulative backup. The exception is if skip_force_full is true. With DSA 17.10, Enhanced Change Block Backup allows erroneous objects from previous backups to be fully archived, ensuring data consistency during restore. This enhancement means you no longer need to run full or cumulative backups after a backup that completed with errors.

  1. The CBB enhancement is on by default. Make sure to run the Configured Teradata System on 17.10 or later to avoid override on the default. To turn it off, set "dsc.cbb.enhancement=FALSE" in file.
  2. Check if ECBB is on using the list_components command.
  3. When Enhanced CBB is ON, skip_force_full is ignored.