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November 2022
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If any part of the CBB backup is lost or corrupted, the integrity of the database data is compromised. If any delta, cumulative, or full backup save set required for a restore is missing or corrupt, a restore from any dependent backup save set fails.

Incomplete backups are not subject to this limitation. An incomplete backup occurs if any CBB backup completed with errors, or was aborted and not rerun. In the event of a failed backup, prior and subsequent CBB backups are not affected. Similarly, when a backup completes with non-fatal errors, prior and future backups do not use the backup image that received an error. Instead, subsequent backup jobs use the most recent successful backup as the base.

If necessary, you can use the system configuration flag skip_force_full to allow a backup if the previous backup completed with errors. It is important to fix the underlying cause of any error that occurs during backups, and to rerun the backup at the next available opportunity. See Usage Notes in config_systems for skip_force_full option.

The following backup jobs are always run as a full backup:
  • DBC only backup job
  • Backup job in dictionary phase