Changes That Force a Full Backup | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Changes That Force a Full Backup - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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November 2022
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The following situations require that a new full backup is generated before any further delta or cumulative backups are run:
  • The system has gone through SYSINIT and/or a full DBC restore since the most recent full backup
  • The system has had an access module processor (AMP) reconfiguration or rebuild since the most recent full backup
  • Any of the following changes in the backup job from the portlet, xml, or command line:
    • Object list
    • Data phase
    • Target group (target_media)
    • No sync (nosync)
    • Track empty tables (track_empty_tables)
    • Skip join/hash index (skip_joinhash_index)
    • Limit the maximum streams per node for this job (streams_softlimit)
    • Skip statistics (skip_stats)
    • Query Band (query_band)
  • The last full save set in the DSC repository has been removed or automatically retired
  • The backup job is in the NEW state
  • The backup job failed