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Teradata® DSA User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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You can view a list and brief description of all of the commands available in the DSA command-line interface. The basic syntax and usage of commands is shown for each command.

You can also specify a command name to view more detailed information about the command, including a syntax example and a list and description of each of the parameters associated with the command.

  • Type dsc help in the command line, and do one of the following:
    Option Description
    View all commands
    • Press Enter to view a list of all of the command names.
    View a specific command
    • Add a specific command name to view information about a particular command.
    • Press Enter.

For example, for information about the create_job command, type dsc help create_job and press Enter. The following is displayed:

create_job - Create Job Command

Creates a DSA job based on the file, with user modifications from the following parameters. 
User will be required to authenticate username and password to the source/target system on the console. 

create_job -n|-name job1 -f|-file parameters.xml

Parameter             Example          Description
n|name                job1             (Optional) Name for the job, must be unique
d|description         backup web apps  (Optional) Description of the job. For multi-word surround by \\" must be escaped with backslash.
t|type                restore          (Optional) Type of the job: [BACKUP,RESTORE,ANALYZE_READ,ANALYZE_VALIDATE]  
b|backup_name         backupWeb1       (Optional) Backup job name(only for RESTORE or ANALYZE jobs)
v|backup_version      60               (Optional) Backup version number(only for RESTORE or ANALYZE jobs). Type LATEST or 0 for latest save set.
f|file                parameters.xml   XML File to upload as basis for new job.
u|user_authentication user             (Required when security management is enabled) Supplies command with Viewpoint user