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To use the copy operation, the following conditions must be met:
  • Restore access privileges on the target database or table are required.
  • A target database must exist to copy a database or an individual object.
  • When copying a table that does not exist on the destination system, you must have both CREATE TABLE and RESTORE database access privileges for the target database.

No Support for Copying DBC Database

Teradata DSA does not support copying the DBC database, which must be restored after a successful Teradata system initialization. Refer to Full System Restore Using the BAR Portlets or Full System Restore Using the Command Line.

No Support for Copying SYSUDTLIB Database

Teradata DSA does not support copying the SYSUDTLIB database, which is restored when the DBC database is restored.

Restriction on Copying TD_SERVER_DB Database

[Analytics Database 16.20 and later / Teradata Database 15.10 and later] TD_SERVER_DB database cannot be copied to a different name.