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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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Teradata DSA architecture has two user interfaces. The first interface, the BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlets, are Viewpoint portlets for DSA configuration and management. The second interface is a standard command-line interface (CLI) that includes the same functionality as the portlets, including DSA component configuration.

Enabling General > Security Management in the BAR Setup portlet increases security for the DSA environment. This setting requires users to provide Viewpoint credentials to execute some commands from the DSA CLI.
A DSA administrator might consider using the DSA CLI rather than the BAR portlets for specific situations, such as the following:
  • Job scheduling, because this cannot be administered in the BAR Operations portlet.
  • Exporting an XML file associated with a job created in the portlet.
  • Streamlining the updates of multiple job definitions.
  • Using scripts to automate DSA commands.

If you use job scripting automation through the DSA CLI, there should be a 30 second interval between DSC command requests, because BAR portlets are optimized to use caching in order to minimize the impact on DSC.