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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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An all-AMPs archive (or dictionary archive) of a database or table contains the Analytics Database / Teradata Database dictionary rows that are needed to define the entity.

This table alphabetically lists the dictionary rows or tables that are archived by an all-AMPs data archive (or a dictionary tables archive) of a user database or table.
The following tables and table rows should never be copied to a user-level table in another database and be archived from there.
Tables and Table Rows Description
ConstraintNames Constraints that have names
DBCAssociation Retrieves information about tables that have been ported using the Dump/Restore facility
Dependency Stores relationships among a UDT, its dependent routines, User- Defined Casts, User-Defined Transforms, User-Defined Orderings, and any dependency on any other database object
ErrorTbls Stores data and error table relations
IdCol Identity column
Indexes Columns that are indexes
JARS Contains one row for each JAR object installed on the database system
JAR_JAR_USAGE Stores one row for each JAR included in the SQL-Java path of another JAR. The SQL-Java path is created, altered, or dropped by calling SQLJ.Alter_Java_Path.
QueryStatsTbl Saves information about collected statistics on the queries
ReferencedTbls Referenced columns (that is, Parent Key) for Parent tables
ReferencingTbls Referencing columns (that is, Foreign Key) for Child tables
ROUTINE_JAR_USAGE Contains one row for each Java external stored procedure or Java user-defined function that names a JAR in its external Java reference string.
ServerInfo DBC.ServerInfo provides the list of name/value pairs defined for a server
ServerTblOpInfo DBC.ServerTblopInfo provides the details of the associated table operators to the foreign server
StatsTbl Saves information about collected statistics on the base tables, views, or queries
TableConstraints Returns information about constraints on a TABLE object by accessing the database.
TextTbl System table containing overflow DDL text
TriggersTbl Definition of all triggers in the database
TVFields All columns in data tables and views
TVM All objects in the database
UDFInfo Information on user-defined functions
UIF_Info Contains a record for each User Installed File on the database system
UnresolvedReferences Unresolved referential constraints