Edit a Teradata Backup Job | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Editing a Teradata Backup Job - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata® DSA User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
English (United States)
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You can edit any backup job, whether or not the job has been previously run.

  1. From the Saved Jobs view:
    1. Click "" next to the backup job you want to edit.
    2. Select Edit.
  2. From the Edit Backup Job view:
    1. [Optional for a backup job that has not been run] Change the Source System and Credentials.
      After a backup job has been run successfully and has a save set, the source system for the job cannot be modified. For jobs that have not been run, changing the system or credentials can result in a mismatch between the selected objects and the available database hierarchy, which could cause the job to fail.
    2. [Optional] Change the Target Group.
  3. [Optional] In the Objects tab, change the objects from the source system.
  4. [Optional] Select Selection Summary to verify the selected objects..
    Size information is not available for DBC only backup jobs. N/A displays as the size value for DBC only backup jobs.
  5. [Optional] To adjust job settings for the job, click the Job Settings tab.
    Settings can include specifying whether a job continues or aborts if an access rights violation is encountered on an object.
  6. Click Save.