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November 2022
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The Objects tab is available when creating or cloning a job and displays the object browser. The object browser provides you with the controls to view a list of objects that are on a source database system and archive objects to a target group and restore these objects to a destination system. The object browser simplifies the process of viewing and selecting database objects for backup and restore jobs.

Database objects display as a hierarchically-organized tree. You can use filtering to limit the number of objects displayed in the tree. Expand a branch of objects in the tree by clicking "" next to the object type.

Controls in the Object Browser

Control Action
Object Icon Identifies the database object type. Hovering over the object icon shows the object type and full object name.
Object Type Filter Enables you to select the type of object to display.
"" (Object Settings Menu) Opens the Settings menu.

Object Settings

Field Description Job Type
Include all the children that are databases and users Check to select all the child objects
  • Backup
  • Restore (database object)
  • Incremental Restore (database object)
Map to a different database on destination system Select a different database on the destination system to restore to.
  • Restore (database object)
  • Incremental Restore (database object)
Advanced Settings button Restore

Incremental Restore

Destination System Hash Map Select the hash map to use on the destination system. Incremental Restore

The BAR Operations Objects tab in the Saved Jobs view