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November 2022
English (United States)
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You can view the backup IDs for a given job name and save set for a NetBackup job.
Currently in the portlet, you can only view backup IDs for a NetBackup job. To query and display backup IDs generated by a disk file system, DD Boost, or AWS use the CLI commands: query_backupids and list_query_backupids.
  1. Do one of the following, depending on the run status of the job:
    View Option Description
    Status of running job or the most recent job
    • Click the Saved Jobs tab.
    • Click "" next to a job.
    • Select Job status.
    Status logs of previously run jobs
    • Click Job History tab.
    • Click the row for the job.
  2. Click View Save Sets.
  3. Click "" next to a save set and select Backup IDs.
The BACKUP IDS for the save set are listed. You can select, lock, and designate the order of columns from the Table Actions "" menu.
Column Header Description
BACKUP ID Backup ID for the given job name and save set.
FILE NAME File name of the file associated with the backup ID.
FILE SIZE File size of the file associated with the backup ID
DATE Date and timestamp for the file created.