Configure System Alerts | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Configuring System Alerts - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata® DSA User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Release Number
November 2022
English (United States)
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You can configure a system alert using the BAR Setup portlet.
  1. Under DSC Servers, select your DSC server.
  2. From the Categories list, click Alerts.
  3. From the Alert Types list, click System.
  4. From the Systems list, select a system.
    When disabled, "" appears next to the system.
    The Alert Details list displays details for the system.
  5. Under Alert Details configure the alert:
    1. Check or clear the Enable alert checkbox.
    2. Select a severity level from the Severity list.
  6. Under Alert Rules create an alert equation:
    1. From the Alert when matching list, select a condition.
    2. Next to System Status Is, select a status.
    3. Next to System Consumers Are, select a status.
    4. To add another Condition, click "".
  7. Under Alert Action configure the alert action:
    1. From the Action list, select an action.
      To appear in the Action list, you must activate the action using the Alert Setup portlet.
    2. Specify a time in the Do not run twice in __ minutes box.
    3. In the Message box, type the message to be sent when the alert criteria are met.
  8. Click Apply.