Configure BAR Setup | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Configuring BAR Setup - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
Release Number
November 2022
English (United States)
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PrerequisiteBefore you can work with the DSC in the BAR Setup portlet, you must add and enable the Teradata System and the Dictionary collector in the Monitored Systems portlet. Under Setup select Data Collectors and enable the Dictionary collector.
This task outlines configuration tasks involved in the BAR Setup portlet to make systems, media servers, backup applications, and target groups available in the BAR Operations portlet.
  1. [Optional] Enabling or Adding a DSC Server
  2. Adding or Editing a System and Node Configuration
  3. Verifying the Media Server
    A media server must be defined so it can be made available for target groups.
  4. [Optional] Configuring Network Fabric: Portlets
  5. Add and configure a backup solution.
  6. Adding or Copying a Target Group
    In order for data to be backed up to a device, a target group must be created to configure media servers to the backup application.
  7. Scheduling Automatic Repository Backups
    Describes how to schedule a backup of the DSC repository.
  8. DSC Servers
    Allows you to manage the DSC Servers, including editing settings and changing the DSC server name..