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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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Beginning with DSA 16.10.01, you can define network fabric. If a network fabric is defined, it replaces a logical network mask when a job plan generates data paths between AMPs and BARNC processes acting as media servers.

  • The fabric can include all the nodes and their paths to one or more media servers.
  • Fabric is used only for backup, restore, and analyze_validate jobs.
  • You can define multiple fabrics but each must be unique. For example, System A can have two fabrics for two target systems B and C, fabricAB and fabricAC. The information is saved into the repository and can be edited if new media servers or nodes are added.
    • All media servers in a target group should be available in a single fabric.
    • The correct fabric is chosen based on the media servers in the target group.
    • Update dsc.properties for the number of fabrics allowed per Teradata system: maxlimit.fabric=number-fabrics. Default is 64.
  • When fabrics are used, Teradata recommends not editing media server IP addresses.