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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
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DSA configuration settings and job metadata are stored in the Data Stream Controller (DSC) repository. You can automate a repository backup or initiate the backup manually.

Before you can recover the DSC Repository, a DSC repository backup job and an export of the repository backup configuration must have been completed successfully at least once.

The export of the repository backup configuration can only be performed using the DSA command line. See Saving the Repository Backup Configuration File for more information.

Failure to perform a successful repository backup and an export of the repository backup configuration results in an unrecoverable DSC repository in the case of a complete disaster.

A repository backup job backs up your DSC data to a replication target group. Any running DSC repository job (backup, restore, or analyze) prevents jobs from being submitted and DSA configuration settings from being changed.

Conversely, a database backup, restore, or analyze job prevents a repository backup job from running.

Configuration settings and DSC metadata can be restored to the DSC repository from a storage device.

Do not abort a DSC repository restore job while the job is in progress. If you abort a DSC repository restore job while the job is in progress or if the restore job fails, DSC triggers a command to restore all repository tables to their initial state, which is an empty table. The current data in the DSC repository is lost and must be recovered using disaster recovery.