Back Up the Repository Manually (Portlets) | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Backing Up the Repository Manually (Portlets) - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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November 2022
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PrerequisiteYou must configure a target group before you can back up the repository.
You can back up the DSC repository immediately or by scheduling the backup.
Jobs cannot be submitted and DSA configuration settings cannot be changed during a repository backup.
  1. Open the BAR Setup portlet.
  2. Under DSC Servers, select your DSC server.
  3. From the Categories list, click Repository Backup.
  4. Select the Replication Target Group.
  5. On the Backup & Replication tab, select one of the following:
    • Backup: Backs up the repository to the landing zone.
    • Backup & Replication: Backs up the repository to the landing zone and then replicates the save set to the replication target group third party storage.
  6. Click Run Job to start the repository backup job.
    During the backup job, the BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlets are unavailable.