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Data Stream Architecture
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The subnet mask used by DSA is a logical mask, that is, it is treated as a mask to determine what connection paths are allowed between Teradata nodes and media servers. You can use a DSA network mask to create a data path between a Teradata node and a media server if the Teradata node and media server are physically connected. The DSA network mask setting does not override any physical subnet mask.

Use the default network mask, populated by DSA, that is based on the data path between Teradata nodes and media servers.

Remove network interfaces not used in the data path from the media server definition in the BAR Setup portlet.

Guidelines for DSA Network Masks

  • Teradata nodes and media servers should be on the same logical subnet.
  • If Teradata nodes and media servers are on different logical subnets, but can communicate with each other, open up the network mask as relevant.