Restore Disk File System Targets with Fewer Media Servers | Teradata DSU - 17.20 - Teradata DSU: Disk File System Targets: Restoring with Fewer Media Servers - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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Data Stream Architecture
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These steps use this sample scenario:
  • Backup job performed using: mediaserver1, mediaserver2, mediaserver3, and mediaserver4
  • Restore job using only: mediaserver4
  1. Using the BAR Setup portlet, create a new target group that includes mediaserver4.
  2. Configure the file paths in the target group:
    • If an NFS (network file system) environment and all the media servers have access to all the paths used during the backup, then proceed to add all these paths to this new target group.
    • In the case where this media server does not have access to the same file paths, then the files will need to be moved to the path found on mediaserver4.
  3. Create a restore group to map the original target group to the newly created one with mediaserver4.
  4. Create a restore job with this new restore target group and desired system to finish the restore.