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November 2022
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Beginning with DSA 16.10.01, the config_fabrics command defines the routing data path between TPA nodes and media servers using a parameter file. For best performance when using network fabric, make sure has validate.fabric=on.

Network fabric is not supported for repository backup and restore.


config_fabrics -n|-name -f|-file FILE


config_fabrics -f file1.xml


n|name fabric_name
[Optional] Name of the fabric configuration.
f|file filename
The full path and name of the file containing the necessary configuration parameters.
u|user_authentication User
Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.

Permissions required: Administrator role

Usage Notes

You can define multiple fabrics but each must be unique. For example, System A can have two fabrics for two target systems B and C, fabricAB and fabricAC. The information is saved into the repository and can be edited if new media servers or nodes are added.
  • All media servers in a target group should be available in a single fabric.
  • The correct fabric is chosen based on the media servers in the target group.
  • Update for the number of fabrics allowed per Teradata system: maxlimit.fabric=number-fabrics. Default is 64.

The target group must define at least one media server that belongs to the fabric.

If a fabric is defined, job submission skips the logical net mask and selects the existing fabric when defining job data paths.

XML File Example

Here is a representative XML file. To use the prefix name as a folder, follow it with "/".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

          <!--****This command must be on one line.****-->
<dscConfigFabrics xmlns="" 
   xsi:schemaLocation=" DSC.xsd ">

<!-- 'fabric_name' Required, max characters 32, alphanumeric and "-","_", first character must be alphanumeric --> 
<!-- 'system_name' Required, max characters 32, alphanumeric and "-","_", first character must be alphanumeric --> 
<!-- 'is_enabled' Optional, accepted values: true/false. Default: false -->

   <!-- Name of TPA node -->
   <!-- 'ms_info' Required, one or more --> 

     <!-- Required, max characters 32, alphanumeric plus "-","_", ".", first character can only be alphanumeric -->

     <!-- list of 'ip_address' - Required (min: one) , Only supporting IPV4 and IPV6 standards. No DNS support. Do not use link-local IPv6 addresses (beginning with fe80) for media servers. -->