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The job_status command gets the latest status for a job with the given name and displays it on the screen. If the job is running, a detailed status message is displayed, unless the job is collecting cumulative status on a restarted restore job. In that case, the status is not available until the job is complete. If the job is not running, the status of the last run for that job is displayed.

This command displays the latest status for a job in the screen.

If Advanced Job Status Enhancements is enabled then,job_status command displays additional fields such as Lock Status and HUT Lock acquired details for the backup job and backup job component of DM or DTU jobs. Similarly, for the restore or copy job and the restore job component of DM or DTU jobs, it displays number of task sets completed, counts of Primary, Online, and Primary LOB sub-tables sorted during DSA’s Data and Build Phase.


dsc job_status -n|-name Name -I|-job_execution_id JobExecutionID -B|repository_backup -C|cumulative


dsc job_status -n job1 -I job1ExecutionId

dsc job_status -n restore1 -I restore1ExecutionId -C


n|name Name
The name of the job on which to perform the action. Must be unique for each job.
Example: job1
I|job_execution_id Job Execution ID
[Optional] The execution ID for the job. Must be an integer.

The ID must match a version number listed in the list_save_sets command output for the same job.

Example: 2
[Optional] Flag to return status on repository backup jobs.

[Optional] Flag to return cumulative job status for a restore job that has been restarted. Status is provided up to the last completed restore.

XML File Example

This command does not support an XML file.