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November 2022
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The job_status_log command displays the latest status log for a job with the given name if the job is running. If the job is not running, the status log for the last run job is displayed.

If Advanced Job Status Enhancements is enabled then, job_status_log command displays additional fields such as online status, online enabled time for the objects in the backup job, and the backup job component of DM/DTU jobs.

Similarly, for restore or copy job type and restore job component of DM or DTU jobs; additional fields such as SubTable object’s sort phase type and state, sort start time and sort estimated end time will be displayed.


job_status_log -n|-name Name -I|-job_execution_id JobExecutionID -E|-full_export -m|-hashmap MapName -C|-cumulative


dsc job_status_log -n job1 -I 123456 -m specialmap

dsc job_status_log -n restore1 -I 465 -E -C


n|name Name
The name of the job on which to perform the action. Must be unique for each job.
Example: job1
I|job_execution_id Job Execution ID
[Optional] The execution ID for the job. Must be an integer.

The ID must match a version number listed in the list_save_sets command output for the same job.

Example: 2
[Optional] Flag to return status on repository backup jobs.
b|bucket BucketNumber
[Optional] Select a bucket number to display a grouping of data when too many results return to display at once. The command output notifies you if there are more buckets of data to display.
m|hashmap map name
[Optional] For backup jobs, lists the objects by the specified hash map used during the backup job. Default: All maps used in the backup job are listed.
[Optional] Retrieve and output the entire job status log to a landing zone on the DSC server to avoid the message size limit. The output file is a comma-separated value with the file name: <job_name>_<job_execution_id>.csv. The default landing zone directory is /var/opt/teradata/dsa/export. You can change the directory in using the fullExport.landingZone property.
This parameter works only for BACKUP, RESTORE, and ANALYZE_VALIDATE jobs on the Analytics Database / Teradata Database. It does not work for DBC repository backup jobs.

[Optional] Flag to return cumulative job status for a restore job that has been restarted. Status is provided up to the last completed restore.

XML File Example

This command does not support an XML file.