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November 2022
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The purge_jobs command can be used for cleaning up DSC repository when resources are not released after aborting jobs. The command will abort any jobs and purge the resources used by any incomplete jobs. When no job name is provided, it purges resources used by all jobs in BAR and BARBACKUP.


purge_jobs -n|-name Name -B|-repository_backup -S|-skip_prompt


dsc purge_jobs -B (Cleans up the resources used by the repository backup.)

dsc purge_jobs -n Job1 (Cleans up the resources used by a particular job.)

dsc purge_jobs (Cleans up the resources used by all jobs.)


n|name Name
[Optional] The name of the job for which resources has to be cleaned up. Must be unique for each job.
Example: job1
[Optional] Purges resources used by repository job in BARBACKUP database.
u|user_authentication User
Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.

Permissions required: DSA Job Permissions: Run

S|skip_prompt SkipPrompt
[Optional] Skips displaying a confirmation message before performing the command action.

Usage Notes

purge_jobs command is not a replacement for the abort functionality. If a job hangs, users should abort the job first. Possible scenarios for using purge_jobs:
  • Jobs are getting queued, but DSC shows no jobs are running.
  • Job status in DSC shows that the job is not running, but when user tries to rerun the job, DSC shows that job is running. User is not able to abort the job either.

XML File Examples

This command does not support an XML file.