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Data Stream Architecture
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November 2022
English (United States)
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BARNC (DSA Network Client (ClientHandler)) errors are reported in the clienthandler.log and $DSA_LOG_DIR/dsc.log files.
BSASendData failed
BSAGetData failed
Possible causes: An error occurred in the media management software that prevents the backup or restore operation from completing successfully. The message includes additional text indicating the reason for the failure.
Remedy: Check the media management software and backup devices to make sure they are operating correctly.
CBB Filter write open failed
BB Filter write seek failed
CBB Filter write failed
Possible Causes (for any of these three errors): The shared storage area used for Teradata change block backup restore is full or is not properly configured.
Remedy: Check that the allocated path is available, has the proper permissions set, and is not full.
Failed to bind any listen sockets.
Possible causes: An attempt to start the DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) service was made while it was already running, or another process is using the network port assigned to the DSA Network Client service.
Remedy: Use the /etc/init.d/clienthandler status command to determine if the DSA Network Client service is running. Also, check that the port number specified in the file is correct.
JMSSessionFactory could not be created
Possible causes: The ActiveMQ message broker service is not active or cannot be reached.
Remedy: Check that the ActiveMQ message broker service for DSA is running, and that network access between media servers is working properly. The message may include additional information that is helpful in determining the cause of the failure.
No matching file: "Filename"
Possible causes: An attempt was made to restore an expired or failed backup.
Remedy: Check that the backup of the job being restored was successfully completed and was not deleted or expired by the media management software.
Read passed end of file
Possible causes: An attempt was made to restore a corrupted or incomplete backup file.
Remedy: Check that the backup being restored was successfully completed. Also, try to run a read_analyze job on the backup to determine whether the file is readable.